Texas Personal Injury Lawyer Alex Martinez Sues San Juan Nursing Home in Rio Grande Valley

Disabled man physically abused, neglected by nursing home staff, lawsuit says

McALLEN, Texas – Texas Personal Injury Lawyer Alex Martinez Sues San Juan Nursing Home in Rio Grande Valley- Experienced personal injury attorney Alex Martinez of The Law Offices of Alex Martinez in the Rio Grande Valley is pursuing an abuse and negligence lawsuit against McAllen, Texas-based San Juan Nursing Home Inc. on behalf of Faustino Porras and his family.

The amended lawsuit filed last month in the 398th District Court in Hidalgo County includes claims that San Juan Nursing Home staff members physically abused Mr. Porras repeatedly and left him unattended for hours although he was in desperate need of care and unable to communicate based on his vegetative state.

Before he was admitted to San Juan Nursing Home in April 2017, Mr. Porras’ family told staff members and provided documentation about his being severely brain damaged and declared physically and mentally disabled due to oxygen loss during prior surgery.

His elderly mother, Oralia Porras, visited Mr. Porras almost daily at San Juan Nursing Home after being admitted in stable condition. She quickly began noticing and documenting her son’s many unexplained black eyes and bruises, excessive weight loss, and other physical ailments.

Before removing her son in July 2018, Ms. Porras documented unsanitary conditions at San Juan Nursing Home that led to her son’s bedbug bites, scabies wounds, sepsis, and other infections. A video assembled by Mr. Martinez (WARNING: Viewer discretion advised) shows the disturbing photographs of Mr. Porras taken by his mother.

An expert report prepared by a registered nurse with a master’s degree who Mr. Martinez hired says San Juan Nursing Home nurses did not comply with standards of care and failed to protect Mr. Porras. The report also says nurses there failed to assess and monitor Mr. Porras to ensure his safety or “provide the necessary treatment and routine care he deserved.”

Another expert report was prepared by a doctor with decades of experience as a Certified Medical Director who has worked as a medical director at several nursing homes. The report details the extensive injuries suffered by Mr. Porras at San Juan Nursing Home and notes that his mother “made multiple inquiries about his care and the nursing home staff never responded to her concerns.

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