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I Fight - You Win

In South Texas, trust is earned through results. If you’ve been hurt in a car wreck or work accident, you need the best. Alex Martinez has a proven track record of successfully fighting personal injury cases due to another person’s negligence. Whether it is a workplace injury, defective product, auto accident, wrongful death, or other life altering injury caused by others, your case matters. We share in your suffering and will fight to get you the most money possible. I Fight – You Win.

The first 24 hours may be the most important

Know Your Rights

Seek legal advice from a trusted personal injury attorney. Our Team can assess the merits of your case, guide you through the legal process, and help determine the appropriate course of action

Seek Medical Treatment

Your health is our top priority. We help our clients get medical attention and living assistance promptly, even if your injuries seem minor.

Compensation Settlement

We start from day one gathering facts and evidence to ensure your compensation settlement is thorough and the process swift. Being injured affects more than your personal health. We fight to win. Our clients receive all the compensation they deserve

"You Get Hurt - You Call Me"

– Alex Martinez




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